Start Ups

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Business Start Up Help

As a firm that focuses on helping small businesses grow by providing an array of services, we’re uniquely positioned to help your start up business.  In fact, we want to!

At Growth Business Consulting, LLC, we provide services ranging from bookkeeping to website design, and everything in between.  

If you’re looking for someone to come in and help with bookkeeping on an employee lease contract,we can do that.  Or we can help you completely outsource your business accounting needs.

If you’re just looking for process improvement consulting, we’re able to do that too.  In fact, we’re positioned well to help your start up in just about any area.  And the best thing about working with us is that we’re completely flexible and scalable.  Which is what you need as a start up owner.

In addition, for the right start up, we’re definitely interested in discussing equity partnerships as well.  Whether this sees us coming on in a CFO, operations role, or simply on a bookkeeping or marketing basis, we’re open to having these discussions.  

Contact Zach Graft directly at today to get started!