Social Media Management

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Our social media marketing and and social media management plans enable businesses such as yours, to interact and reach their customers where their customers are.  Social media is becoming one of the most important tools in

marketing, and as such, we’re proud to say that we have had success in working with our clients to achieve organizational goals via social media marketing.

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social media management

Social Media Management

With our social media management plan, we’ll sit down with you and figure out who your target demographic is.  Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram average nearly 2 billion combined daily users.  If you’re a business, you can’t afford to not engage and to not engage well on either of these platforms.

We have a set of guidelines that we use to ensure that what we’re doing as far as social media marketing, actually fits into your brand and organizational goals.  Some of the questions we ask include:

  • What are your business goals/objectives?
  • Using SMART, are your objectives achievable?  How will they be measured?  KPIs?
  • Who are your customers?  Do you know what segments you want to target? Are you sure that they are really your customers or would your ad spend be better spent on a different customer segment?

    Once that is articulated, we move on to developing:
    Relevant Content which then builds

    Brand Trust in the target audience, which then facilitates

    Engagement whether purchase, click, view, etc.

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