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Growth Business Consulting, LLC

Looking for a career with a young and driven company?

Thanks for looking at our careers page.  We’re always looking for new talent, as we believe that we’re only going to be able to grow as long as our team stays driven.  Want to learn more about us?  Check out our ‘About Us‘ page.

If you have digital marketing experience, or are a college student who is motivated and willing to learn, that is who we are looking for at this time.


Current Careers Available

Some specific positions include:

Part-Time Content Writer

This position will begin sometime around the middle of January, and will probably be around 4-5 hours a week to start.
You would be responsible for writing content for blog posts, Facebook posts and e-mail content.

Ideally you are someone who has quite a command of the English language, and more than that, the ability to write in different styles to appeal to different target audiences and industries.  Product and service training will be provided also.

As the company grows, this position will have more hours and perhaps more responsibilities.

We will consider all college class standings as well, but would prefer someone who will be a junior or senior this fall.  This could be an internship opportunity as well.

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Business Development Representative

This is a part-time commission-based opportunity that would be ideal for a college student or graduate student who is looking for a position that they can grow in.

As the company develops, this position will come hourly plus commission for the right candidate.  Also, this position will lead to more leadership responsibilities.  There will be product and service training involved and please be open to getting industry certifications.

Position requirements:

  • Social Media Experience
  • Driven
  • At least two years of college
  • Previous sales experience

Please fill out the following form and submit it for consideration.

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