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How To Build a Video Streaming Website

One of our clients produces quite a bit of media and has some plans to, well, produce more media in the future. We’ve been brainstorming on coming up with a way to distribute the content and then being able to manage and monetize that content.  And as a result building a video streaming website became a possibility, and then I decided I’d write my notes on “How to build video streaming website”.

We looked at a couple of solutions such as Cleeng, and honestly, Cleeng just does not have the user friendly interface or controls that we were looking for, and the cost can be relatively prohibitive (they do have what is essentially a pay as you go option).

I began messing around with WordPress and doing some research on what some other people have used to successfully build a streaming website, and I came across Memberful.   Memeberful has a great article on how to integrate with WordPress websites to protect your content, and you can check that out here.  One thing of note is that they integrate pretty well with Squarespace, which is also one of my favorite platforms.

However, really all you need to do is sign up for a trial to Memberful, select that you are integrating Memberful with WordPress and they’ll give you a code to input into the Memberful plug in.


Step-by-Step instructions

What you need: WordPress website, Memberful account, and a content distribution site (Ie, Vimeo or YouTube).

  1.  Install the Memberful plug in on your wordpress website
  2. Embed your video content on whatever pages you’d like
  3. Sign up for Memberful
  4. Enter the code from your Memberful subscription into the plug in on your website
  5. Manually edit each page’s restrictions and messages.

For instance, if you go to and select any of the “Videos” page, you’ll see a message saying that “This content is protect” “Sign up here” etc.  Note: Don’t sign up.  Seriously, don’t.

And that’s really all there is on how to build a video streaming website.

Memberful’s prices are very competitive as well.  I have not been able to find another platform that is as easy to use and cost effective.

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